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realtek hd audio manager problem

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(apologise if this has been said else were)
the problem is really while just working on desk top pc
i receive a message pop up
(realtek hd audio manager)
You just plugged something in to the audio jack!" and then shortly after "A device has been unplugged from the audio jack."
its also the message i get
this seams to be happening quite a lot an very confuse in why is this
as there nothing has been added to the pc
am using a router am with (virgin bb)
avast pro no virus found
also xp service pack 3
i have no problems with my sound
i have also check on all cabels to make sure it was not lose
still this problem persists dose any 1 no of a fix of this done a google and found no answers

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the truth is out there
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can some 1 move this to windows software thanks

the truth is out there
Has this happened while you were using the audio device? If so, does audio stutter at all when it happens?

Do you have an inputs or outputs other than the speakers? If you only have speakers, are they stereo or 5.1?

Do you have front audio ports connected?

This sounds like a either an open or short of some kind...if it is not in an accessory, then it is in the audio device itself (in other words, inside the mainboard). You could probably get around it by disabling the audio manager & tray icon...I think there might even be an option to just disable the warnings...but I would disable that crummy HD audio manager anyway.
(thanks for the reply)
none of the above
how do we disable the audio manager?
would that effect the sound
sounds a daft question i no but i cant seam to disable it

the truth is out there
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