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Seagate Goflex Hard Drive Unreadable, mostly

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So my friend was using my External Freeagent Hard drive on his windows xp, his explorer crashed and now computers barely recognize its existence. When I plug it in to the computer after about a minute the drive letter pops up but I cannot access it at all. Ive tried multiple computers, Freeagent diagnostic software, other hard drive back up software. I even tried hooking up to my desktop via sata. I would think it is completely dead, however when i plug it into my Freeagent media player, it runs just fine. Any thoughts or idea's? the computer also recognizes that it is a freeagent, I just cant do anything with it otherwise the computer locks up.

Thanks in advance!!!
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Have you had a look at SeaTools? Ideally when connected via SATA.

Not sure what exactly the problem is off the top of my head though, but it sounds fixable. Is the data important?

Hmmm....ill try that. 1 issue ive been having is when i plug the drive into the computer via sata, it never gets past the starting windows screen. Can i just plug it in after windows has loaded? via sata of course.
Does the drive show up in BIOS? No, don't hook it up via SATA after your PC has booted.

is the "Freeagent media player" different from the "External Freeagent Hard drive" or both 1 & the same?
1: it does show up in the bios
2: the media player is separate from the hard drive

i actually figured out a round about way to access the drive (for backing up purposes at least) i set it up to my router and used the wireless storage device feature on the router. Still doesnt work with computers but at least i can get to my files using the router. any ideas about getting the drive fully functional using the bios? i remember there was a way to "repair" drives with the bios, but i cant seem to get to that option
not all bioses have that option to repair hard drives so try it on the other computers to see if they have that option. make certain that drive is not selected as boot drive in the bios. is the drive made by seagate?
Maybe this ! if not there's a link to hirens boot cd however you can download it direct from the AD software section,i suspect it's the mbr of the hdd or the drive itself has been flagged that it was hard removed on your mates comp,had it happen to an xp machine of mine then put it on w7 machine it didn't like it one bit had same issue you got even linux could see it & access it,ended up putting back on xp machine & ran check disk good as gold after that

AD Guides: guides/
Console Mod Tuts:

The drive is made by seagate
So when I try and run checkdisk in CMD it never stops thinking.
Im next going to try that software you said.
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