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I just purchased the GATEWAY KR-0350 Wireless Keyboard Only and wanted to know where and if I need software and a receiver to us it and where I can purchase it? Thank you
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moved to correct forum as not a software issue. should have come with transceiver unit so check bottom of keyboard for a device like a small flash drive. did it come with instructions as should tell you what you should have got wha telse with the keyboard?
Before installing your product box will probably contain the following items:
1-Wireless keyboard
2-Wireless receiver(s)
3-Batteries (if not, you may have to supply these)
4-Software (usually on a CD)
Manufacturer instructions
If you are missing anything, contact either the retailer where you purchased the equipment or the manufacturer. Different products have different requirements so check the included instructions if you have them.
should come with a usb reciever and most newer version of windows auto install the drivers when you use it.

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