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PS2 Silver Slim Tape and Tissue mod fail

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Okay, I did the tape and tissue mod and whenever I do the swag for guitar hero 2 after the laser goes all the way up then down, the dvd I burned randomly spins normal, then slow, then medium speed, then sometimes it stays slow or fast. The laser barely moves during this, and my screen stays black.

I burned my custom guitar hero 2 disk at 4x with sony dvds. I have no clue right now. Thanks :) and sorry if I'm bothering you guys :/
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Since it sounds like your using a slim I suggest getting a thing called swapmagic and magic switch. the switch thing blocks all the sensors for your ps2 so you can open the top without it knowing and swap magic is to boot a usb and install freemcboot so you can play games using esr to boot discs and openps2loader to play through the usb or over a network with SMB. you can get swapmagic and somehow block the others but I think its easier with the already made ones that come with swapmagic. also make sure to get the right region for your ps2. if you need any links or info just ask. also what model are you using?
Well I have a SCPH-77001 Silver PS2 slim. I did the tape and tissue mod and it's not properly reading the dvds, even if they are sony dvds -.-
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