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any experience with game copy wizard?

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Just checked out this software:

Anyoe who have tried it? Is it worth 30 bucks?

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Originally posted by hh83:
Just checked out this software:

Anyoe who have tried it? Is it worth 30 bucks?

From what I've seen on the internet, Sounds legit. I'm trying to find a free version of it but haven't had any luck so far. Man, I tell ya, It pisses me off how freaking complicated it is to find a damn file! All the other files are downloadable! But the one I really want just want just ends up being a damn link to some add!!!

If you manage to download a free torrent of it let me know.

i just love progs like this... lol i especially love the way they try to sell them... not to mention the referral system "/?hop=" lol

backup xbox games oh sure... pc drive cant read those... same goes for xbox360 and WOW PS3 it can "backup" those aswell lol... on to a dvd no less lmao.... sure.. 1:1 backup with missing BCA codes..... lol... "legit" my ass....

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why would you want to buy something that does nothing a free program like imgburn cant already do

I have been using this for years, not of late i must admit, but works for me
Its not the copying of discs that is the issue, its the playing them back where you need to think more about

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This has been a bait and switch scam for years dont listen to it use.


as i pointed out on another post its a scam.basically the $30 will sell you a pdf file that tells you what programs to use and how to create back ups.the pdf is actually available for free on torrent sites,the programs it tells you to use are free.

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