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ps2 back-ups

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im new here. ive read a lot of threads regarding ps2 boots from september 2007. i know its a long time ago but if anyone form then is still on this site. i have a ps2 ntsc(u/c) with no modchip but i do have Free McBoot installed on the memorycard..what im looking for is an ".elf" file that i can boot with free mcboot and launch my copied/burned ps2 games, i dont really want to take my ps2 appart again because ive tried with cogswap.elf but it dosnt really work good enough. anyone got advice??
Thanks in advanced!!
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try using ESR download it here and get the disc patcher here

also what version of freemcboot do you have and do you still have a way to boot a new install?(in case you need to update your freemcboot)
I have also face same kind of problem with backups in PSP 2. Thanks for discussing this problems in this thread as it help to solve my problem properly.
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