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How rip and burn CD PS2 Games??

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whats the best program to rip ps2 cd games and burn them tried imgburn to rip and burn ford racing 2 softmodded ps2 couldnt read the game must be doing something wrong any help???
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First of all, google is your friend. Try going to and searching their forums as well. I used to use imgburn to backup my ps2 games. They have to be ripped with certain settings though.
Thanks for the nice blog. It Was Very useful for me. Keep Such sharing ideas in the Future as well. Actually This Was What I Was looking for, and I am glad to cam here. Thanks for Sharing the information with us Such.
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Quality of disc is an important factor & use alcohol or dvd decrypter,it may be necessary to uninstall imgburn for dvd decrypter to rip as imgburn is the updated burning engine of dvd decrypter but with the ripping ability removed,you can extract the contents of the imgburn installer to turn into a portable version if need be,also clonecd may work tho never tried it,personally i'd dump the softmod & mod chip it,then just use imgburn to backup all the games

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funny things ps2 games.. never ever had a problem.. maybe because I used DD to make something more like a glass master and then K3B .. hey ho.. fun times.. wonder is a music cd burned same settings will work.. to test the burner and disks

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why we need special softwares ? softwares like burn aware can not do it ?

I use IMGBurn to rip and burn PSX games. I also can use IMGBurn to burn PS2 isos too. I like to use DVD Decrypter though for ripping PS2 DVD games, its very easy to do.

ever get the feeling some people try to play burns on unmodded hardware still?.. personally on windoze I would still use alcohol120% for ps1 and 2 disks.. I did write a stack of guides years ago about ripping for emulators.. but I had them taken down due to ungrateful and moronic people who were incapable of reading a few simple steps.. and following them.. ffs.. if somebody goes to the trouble to make something as simple as can be then why do it different then start shouting it doesn't work?

ps1 and 2 rips are so simple a 5 year old can do them.. I've seen people do them with nero ffs !!! .. making a decent full working rip as a .img file for an emulator can be fun depending on the game.. and there are some godawful poor rips out there on the net.. missing bgm or overlays.. sony used the subchannel data for various things from time to time..

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