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How to Making Psx/Ps2 or so "Portable games"? Read carefully

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Hi all.

Have you ever heard about PSX (yeah ps1, but also PS2) games made "Portable"?

If not I explain you. Try to google this keyword "crash team racing pc game - PortableTurk - By butkuci....exe" without quotes.

My question is:


How I do my own portable games? What I have to use to Edit, change, remove or add psx games files (in particular Playstation 1)? I've found couple of programs but everyone seems doing something different, and no program really gave me an overview about all the whole thing.

In LONG, countinuing from the previous discussion:

It will pop up some result of CTR, a well known Playstation 1 game. Without you needing to download the file (if you want, take it :P) I'll explain you what it is.

Basically it's an exe of 94,1 MB of size containing a crippled version of the game original ISO and PsxFin emulator, all ready to run the game. Once opened it will run a DOS command batch which basically runs the emulator along with the game, so as you open it, it pops up a window and you can start immediately playing Crash Team Racing.

So, what i want to know is HOW to do this. I explain you. I have already good informatic knowledges, but never been much in psx cd files managing and modifying.

The game is so small because they took of from original iso (or from the cd, who knows) all the language and audio files of all the idioms, except for english. So basically you play the whole game in english. And that's why it's so small. So in about 100 mb you have the full game and you can run it 0 time. What i want to do is do the exactly same thing but in another language (I'm not english), and maybe, with other games (all for my personal use)

Details: He Converted the image in the .CDZ format, a new format for psx images introduced by pSX emulator which compresses really good images of psx games. Plus he took off various files from the game. Should this be sufficient? Because in the game i saw there wasn't the language choice menu. so i don't know if he took it off by removing some code or not...

Any info on this?

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for psx portables i have one tutorial (its in spanish)
but for ps2 games i dont know how to do them portables, if u find a way post it here ;)
It is a general purpose audio visual device made by Sony Inc. which is digital video recorder integrate Play Station and Play Station 2 video game consoles.
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