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Xbox Only Reads Game Discs off Cold Boot

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I'm running UnleashX and I want to copy games to my harddrive, yet it only reads the discs when booting cold. I don't care about other problems this may effect I just wish to copy the games
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I'd say your laser is stuffed mate! Try a pot tweak, click on my sig to find out how!

Thanks, I'll try your tuturial when I can get a hold of a resistance meter, It reads the discs fine when it boots from the drive but the same disc wont play if I put it in when I'm on a any dashboard (ms, unleashx or xbmc). thanks for all the tuturials I've used many in the past.
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unleashX won't make working game copies on it's own anyway.. dvd2xbox or ftp and clonexb .. the files need patching either way, and unleash will only straight copy them which doesn't work.

If the games will only cold boot chances are you have a region setting wrong in the dash, but unleash doesn't have any way to change that.
It was like that before I modded it on the msdash, I'd have to reset it everytime, it doesnt recognize it under hddloader,dvd2xbox,xbmc or unleashx. Unless the original msdash region setting was corrupt and it manifested from there? I have a Philips drive which Chunkhead says is brutal, which leads me to believe its the hardware.
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