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Pioneer DV-989avi

Hello world!
I thought I'd start with this forum, hoping that your group wisdom will help me decide which direction to take...

I've a Pioneer Dv-989avi, Fantastic machine, obviously - I got it just before Sony won the format war, which was a shame - but anyway, I still use it regularly. It really does play DVDs far better than my Oppo Blu Ray. And music? FAN-diddly-tastic.

Lately, at some point during a movie, the video image all of a sudden simply mysteriously cuts out - without interrupting the audio - and then continues on.
Later in the film, the image permanently cuts out - again, the audio continues on. I notice that the red HDMI light is no longer on - clearly meaning that there's no HDMI signal. The cable is fine, so it's obviously something to do with the player's HDMI circuitry. But given that its an expensive machine, and I'm broke, I thought I'd put this query out there to ask people if they recognize the issue, and if there is any way this technically-minded-but-ignorant-when-it-comes-to-DVD-players chap can do anything myself. If it's just a cleaning of the circuitry needed, or something like that.

Thank you so much to all who have read my query, and a thousand thank-yous to the person(s) who helps rescue this wonderful player.

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