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Problem with LG BD390 BluRay Player

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I recently purchased an LG BD390 Blu Ray Player. It is GREAT, when it works.

The problem I have is, sometimes, not always, when I go to watch a DVD I turn on my system (logitech 880) to "Watch a DVD".

The Onkyo Receiver comes on, the Samsung HD T.V. comes on and the LG Blu Ray player comes on.

The little pink dots (Logo for LG) appear on the T.V. screen and then "no signal" appears on the Receiver and Television. Put in a disc,nothing.

This does not happen all the time, that is why I feel the system is set up properly. Also my Samsung DVD player that this BD player replaced always worked fine. Only changed the HDMI cable from old player to new.

Confusing? You bet, anyone have any hints?



P.S. This also happens when I change form "Watch T.V" to "Watch a DVD". Somewhere in the instructions it says that the T.V. has to be on for at least 30 seconds. This doesn't make sense either.
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I'm having this exact same problem. Bluray works fine plugged into TV, but when through the Denon receiver....LG Splash screen and then No signal...

Thanks for the reply. I am glad to know it is not just me or my set up.

I am going to contact LG this afternoon and see if I can get some joy from their warranty department.

I did contact their customer service department (big mistake), they are SURE that it is everything else in my home and not their unit. My old samsung worked great, this one, not so much.

I'll keep you posted if I find out anything.


Like you I'm getting the run`aeound from all the players - Toshiba, LG and Denon. Deon says it's an HDCP handshake issues that the TV is not accepting the "repeater" code from the receiver. Here is the exact reply I got back from Denon. They swear their code is solid. They say they have been down this road may times and that it's the pleyer or the the TV.

I have since gotten a firmware update from Toshiba and LG. Both are on the latest and greatest. To me the problem still lies with the Denon 1909. The Lg works when plugged into the TV and does not when plugged into the Denon 1909. No signal...

From Denon: The issue with the BD player is in fact an HDCP issue as there is a send and sync issue when it is connected to the receiver which uses a repeater. A repeater is a device that pass along the signal to another device. Your TV does not use a repeater. As far as the TV goes check with Toshiba to see if they have any firmware updates since this sounds like the issue lies within the TV.
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