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burn 2 movies on a single disk?

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I have DVD Shrink, Windows 7 64 bit os. I have two movies that I have downloaded onto a single hard drive using DVD Shrink. The movies are in two separate files and have been compressed so that they will fit onto a single DVD-R disk. Can I burn both of the movies onto a single dvd disk? I also have NERO 11. Should I use one of the many
applications that are included with Nero 11 to do the burning?

All replies welcomed! Aaron
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Use Shrink's reauthor mode, output to ISO and burn with ImgBurn.

MultiMakeMKV: batch processing for MakeMKV (Win)
: batch processing for DVD Shrink
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under nero express is where you'll find image burning

AD Guides: guides/
Console Mod Tuts:

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