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Where can I get a free download(more than 30 days ) of DVDfab
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To do what ? there are free programs for anything so post what you want to achieve

dvdfab is free to rip there is no time limit

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the version I downloaded gave me a 30 day trial
There are alot of sites to download apps, movies, music, games out there. I wish i could list them here, but it might be against the rules here.
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Didn't ask you if it gave you a trial as there is NO time limit on on it's ripping ability.

now shall we try this again:
in my first post i asked a very simple question

To do what ? = you want a full version of dvdfab why?

the reason i asked is this:

because there are free programs for anything so post what you want to achieve = in other words there a other softwares that ARE free that can do what fab does

AD Guides: guides/
Console Mod Tuts:

i got an older version of dvd fab think version 6 and it came with a wordpad file and serial is your friend use it wisely.

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Ok So I tried to copy Katy Perry and dvd shrink 3.2 could not do it and it won't do most disney movies I have always had success with DVD Fab as long as I used a updated version so my preference is dvdfab. I'm not copying Blu Ray just standard dvd's
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