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DVD Shrink open error

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I am getting the following error when I try to open some ISO files with DVD Shrink 3.2:

DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Failed to open file "[my ISO file]".

I'm wondering if there is any way to get past this error. Or is there another tool that will do the same basic thing without encountering this problem?

I need to explain something about how I got those ISO files since I think it may be relevant to the situation.

I downloaded a whole bunch of ISO files that were broken up into parts. The parts all had an extension like iso.001, iso.002, iso.003, etc. _or_ .par2. In most cases, the numbered extensions went up to about 334 and there were about 30 of the .par2 files. In a few cases, some of the files were missing from the download, just a small number of the files with the numbered extensions and a few of the .par2 files.

In every case, I was able to join them all together with HJSplit but DVDShrink is not able to open some of them as I said at the start of this post. The odd thing is that some of the ISOs it can't open were complete and not missing ANY files. In other cases, they were ISOs that were missing a few of the files. This is why I'm not sure if the missing files are relevant or not to the DVD Shrink error.

Now, I'm not expecting any miracles here. I would fully expect the missing files to cause some trouble. At the very least, I'd expect there to be gaps in the film as one scene or another never made it into the assembled film. I can live with that although I'd much prefer to see a blank screen for the duration of that missing piece that runs just as long as the missing bit of scene should have lasted. That would ensure that the subtitles would still be synched when they get to the next scene. Is that realistic, even if it involves some manual editing on my part? Or should I write off any ISO with missing files as being completely unrecoverable, even with gaps? I'm a programmer but I know very little about the file formats involved or the programs that combine, merge, or otherwise massage these files so I don't know what is realistic.
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Unless the image file is a compliant DVD Image - meaning that it has a VIDEO_TS folder that contain viable VOB, IFO,and BUP files it cannot be processed by DVD Shrink.
The IFO files contain information that enables the DVD to function - if the information is wrong (because the references are non-existent) the image is not compliant and will not open.
If the likes of Virtual CloneDrive or the like could mount the iso, perhaps something could be salvaged.
I had to install VirtualCloneDrive a second time for some reason - after the first install, nothing happened after I double-clicked on the ISO even if this ISO had not been missing any files prior to joining - but now, when I double-click on an ISO, it asks me which player I want to use. I assume that's what's supposed to happen.

I used PowerDVD (version 5) to play an ISO that had not had missing files before it was joined and it seemed to play fine. I didn't watch the whole movie but just skipped to the start of each chapter and saw the first few seconds of all 20 chapters. When I tried it with an ISO that had been missing a few files before joining, I was able to see 17 of the 20 chapters but it wouldn't go beyond the 17th chapter. Out of curiousity, I started watching from the start of the 16th chapter and got a few minutes past that without incident, then PowerDVD came to a stop without an error message. There was no option to resume or whatever.

When I try to play that ISO in VLC, nothing happens. VLC doesn't even launch.

When I try to play the same ISO in Windows Media Player, it comes up fine. I used the Chapter Menu to start each of the 1st through 16th chapters successfully on the second title but if I tried to click on the 17th through 20th chapter, I just go back to the title menu.

So it looks as if most of the film is there. So how do I salvage that? I still need to add the subtitles and I'd really like to be able to play it on a regular DVD player, not just on the computer. This is a gift for my mother and she doesn't like sitting for long in front of the computer. I need this to be something she can play in her living room on her TV if at all possible....

I'm beginning to suspect that whatever player I use is going to be unable to proceed once it hits the first missing frame. I hope I'm wrong about that. If I can open the files, determine how long each gap is and put some kind of placeholder of equal length there so that the subtitles will still stay in synch, the movie might still be watchable until such time as I can track down a commercial copy. My mother might tolerate a few short gaps....

Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.

Click on My Computer and select whichever virtual drive has been assigned and see what's there.
See if it has a VIDEO_TS folder and if any VOB files around 1 GB exist.
If so, copy them to a new folder.
Thanks for all your help, Attar!

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