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Hi All. Is there any way to output a video clip from a DVD in an "AVI", "WMV" or "MPG" format? I wanted to create a 30 second or so clip, but have it be viewable on most PC's.

Thank you!
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Shrink only outputs to mpeg2 so no AVI (use AutoGK). VOB actually is MPG so simply rename it and be done.

MultiMakeMKV: batch processing for MakeMKV (Win)
: batch processing for DVD Shrink
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You can use Shrink to output a 30 second clip. Sizes will be very small. Unless you have to have another format, then go with Chetwood's advice.
If you already have the DVD ripped/backed up on HDD, you could import in say Avidemux and save your 30sec clip to other format(s)e.g. .mpg, .avi, .flv, etc..
While simply re-naming a VOB may work for you, it's usually not a good idea since a vob can contain other info(part of DVD authoring), subs, multi-audio..
Could also use something like Vob2mpg(no quality loss) and convert your DVD to single mpg for easy editing..
FWIW, DVD shrink outputs to single vob as well, if you set it to..
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