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DVD Shrink Reauthoring problem

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I am trying to burn 2 movies onto 1 disc using the Reauthoring method.
I have "windows vista 32 bit" and had no problems with DVD Shrink & Nero before until now.
I have 2 external hard drives where I store my movies....
i) Seagate expansion drive (2 TB) usb 2.0
ii) Seagate expansion drive (3 TB) usb 3.0

I can burn multiple movies with the Seagate exp. drive usb problem
But, the Seagate exp. drive usb 3.0, DVD Shrink sees the expansion drive (usb 3.0)but DVD Shrink won't open the movie files (just blank).
So I have to burn " 1 movie " at a time using DVDFab.

So how do I get the Seagate expansion drive usb 3.0 to work, so i can burn multiple movies using DVD Shrink?
My Windows Vista 32 bit desktop computer drivers are all up to date. Maybe I should just get rid of the "Seagate external hard drive usb 3.0"
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There are multiple references to 32 bit systems having problems reading drives over 2TB.

Try posting in the hardware forum at VideoHelp.
just wondering if it would be possible to partition the seagate drive into 2 parts 1.5tb each?

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My friend lent me a TV series, and I wanted to burn a copy so I can keep it. I wanted to try and compress 2 discs into 1 and get rid of the credit scenes at the end of each episode by using the reauthor function of DVD Shrink 3.2 , to cut the scenes out and place the episodes back into their order, but when I back it up onto a blank DVD, the pop-up says backup successful, however, as I put the disc into the DVD player to watch it on TV, the episodes are in order, but the scenes of each episode are all out of order... I tried and put the disc into the computer to play it and its fine.. everything is in order..

What is wrong with this? and Is there anyway to fix this problem for me to backup the files and be able to watch it on TV in the correct order?
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