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dvd shrink wont open

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i hope im not repeating myself but i cant find my previous post.i use dvd fab and dvd shrink for backups and recently they both wont open.ive done all the routine stuff.system restore,anti vir scans anti malware scans anti spyware scans etc. etc.yes reg cleaners too.nothing works.ive tried changing permissions ,def though i cant locate the .exe ive read that it wont help to run it that way.a recent event is likely related so here goes.all but a few of my desktop icons morphed into a near facsimile of the wimdows wordpad icon.very strange system restore has retrieved my icons twice now,but fab and shrink still no go. avast says im all good after 2 scans so im lookin for a miracle......anybody?
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Try uninstalling it and using the portable version.

Use the updated (burning only part of DVD Decrypter) version by Lightning UK!
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moved to correct forum due to poster's blindness as not a "ps2-dvd backup" issue.
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