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DVDs play on laptop AND decrypt but DON'T PLAY ON DVD PLAYER!! AAHHH!!!!

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So, here's the deal. I have burned DVDs that have been burned with a standalone burner. (sonata?) The problem is that when I try to play then on a Sony dvd player, they do not. I then used DVDFAB8, DVD SHRINK and NERO. I decrypt with FAB because the disc won't open in SHRINK. Then open SHRINK and open the filed decrypted by FAB and burn the disc. STILL, they will not play. INSANE! I've switched to at least 3 different types of dvds, still nothing. Somebody told me the disc was not finalized from the person I got it from- but it still opens in SHRINK and FAB.

any suggestions? programs???? anything?

all viable answers will be rewarded: (my boxing dvd collection)

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Try and see if you can finalize the disc and see what happens.
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- Rip with DVDfab
- encode with Shrink to ISO
- burn with ImgBurn to quality media
- try in standalone

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: batch processing for DVD Shrink
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Try ConvertXtoDVD see if that helps you.
* can't finalize the disc; I purchased it from a person who recorded it. I don't have the recorder he used.

* tried the IMGBRN, failed.

so I take it they WILL play in the pc? .. do your burns play in say VLC?? if they don't then you need to find out what you are actually burning to these disks. VLC will play the disk image file you are making from the disks with fab.. or should if it's a viable image.

Try making a dvd to test with any downloaded video file (dvd flick) and get one to work on the player FIRST.. then we can work out what's going on with these disks you have bought..

logical train of thought suggests to me that it's more a sony player issue than a burn/copy issue here.. I'm thinking it doesn't like +r or -r disks or something like that..

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^ yes, they play fine on the PC.

I can put the DVD in, FAB8 and Shrink can open the disc. I can decrypt, copy, burn in FAB and Shrink with NO problems.

The problem is that when I burn the decrypyed/copied material onto a NEW disc with no problems (it burns fine in Shrink and Nero like I do all of my others), the disc won't play in any of my dvd players.

Ive changed disc types, brands, with no success.

Its like the material will do everything BUT play in a dvd player successfully.
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