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DVDShrink No VIDEO_TS Folder

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I've used DVDShrink for several years and it's been great.

However, yesterday and today, whenever I use it to copy a dvd, it doesn't automatically create an output AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folder like it used to.

So, after I've copied a dvd, I have to create the VIDEO_TS folder and then shift all the DVDShrink output files to the VIDEO_TS folder I've created.

Any clues as to what's gone wrong here?

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Checked this?

Hello Attar,

I don't how the option became unticked, but all I can say is a mighty big thanks.

Yo' the man!
I don't create a VIDEO_TS folder when i use dvd shrink, BUT when I burn them to a disk using imgburn, they are automatically put into a VIDEO_TS folder.....and there is also an AUDIO_TS folder on the disk.

Naturally cause the ISO format ImgBurn using demands those folders.

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: batch processing for DVD Shrink
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