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I re-authored a movie using dvdshrink. I used the region free setting. When i check it using a little program i have for determining whether a movie is NTSC or PAL(IfoEdit) it still reads as a PAL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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PAL or NTSC are television standards.
North America and Japan use NTSC, Australasia and the EU are PAL.
The region coding is a marketing ploy - however, once a commercial movie disk has been ripped or burned, region coding does not apply - your disk has no region coding.

Many North American standalone DVD players will reject a PAL DVD.
If that's the case here, you would have to convert it to NTSC (but you lose the menu).

There is a procedure for converting PAL to NTSC using IFOEdit, but it's a coin flip.

The only sure way is re-encoding.
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