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Extract/Burn One Title From DVD9

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I have these DVD9 Disks and I'm trying to copy them onto DVD5.

What is the best way to do this?

Straight backups from DVDShrink were not good.

Each disk has three main titles on it. They're two disk sets. Two of them. Two disks in each. It's that BBC South Pacific thing.

When I try to take just a couple of titles off the disk with Shrink Reauthor - changing nothing in the config, simply dragging two titles across to the backup pane - I get a bit of a mishmash of a disk. Starts halfway through something... makes strange 'cutbacks' to earlier.... it is a mess.

They're currently on my Hard Drive as put there by DVDDecrypter. I can redo that operation or work directly from the DVD's if required.

Trying to get around it by using DVD Rebuilder I got nothing but a hung Rebuilder prog. It was suggested to me that might be the fault of the DVD Decrypter copy.

That's why I point out I can undo/redo that if necessary, if it is potentially pertinent to the DVDShrink operation.
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Possibly pull and re-encode the VOBs off the DVD with MakeMKV, giving you separate video for each title with no quality loss. Then you can reauthor to DVD5 discs with whatever software you use, i.e. ConvertXtoDVD, DVDFab, etc.
titles will be played in the order they were placed in starting at the top then going down when backing up with shrink however---chances are dvd decrypter & shrink are too old to rip dvd's with new protection

personally i'd use the last version 8 of dvdfab & rerip better still use anydvd however anydvd is trial only fab is as well except you will always be able to rip with fab for free after trial ends then use shrink to get the titles you want,once the backup is created use the media player to double check the outcome

be sure to set dvdfab to dvd 9,you can use shrink to cut the intro & outro crap to further reduce the foot print & increase quality if compression is going to be used

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How to shrink an 8.2GB DIF FILE and burn to DVD5 DISC

How to shrink and convert 8.2GB or even bigger video DIF File or ISO File and burn to DVD5 DISC

For this example i used CARTOONS_THAT_TIME_FORGOT.

Use DVDShrink
/ go to file/open disc image
/ select your file from its location ""CARTOONS_THAT_TIME_FORGOT""
/ let it do an analysis of the file/
/ set to automatic compression
/ then click backup/ignore warning about dvd size being too big
/ click yes/select backup target = hard disc folder
/ select target folder for dvd output files = in this instance/
/ C:\CARTOONS_THAT_TIME_FORGOT/tick box/ create VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS subfolders
/ now click ok/(even if file is still too big don't worry carry on)
/ wait till it finishes usually 10-15 mins
/ click ok/go to destination folder you selected
/ it will now be in a dvd file.

/ if still too big to burn on DVD5 DISC,


/ THIS TIME SELECT/open files icon/select the dvd file in C:\CARTOONS_THAT_TIME_FORGOT
/ change compression settings from automatic to custom ratio
/ move slider along to to reduce green down to just below 4,400mb
/ then hit backup again.
/ If you want to burn direct install nero.
/ in select target folder for dvd output files add a
/ C:\CARTOONS_THAT_TIME_FORGOT "(2)" to allow new file to copy to same place.
/ click ok
/ wait till it finishes usually 5 -10 mins
/ you can now burn dvd file to DVD5 disc. I USE NERO.

hope this helps
No it doesn't help ! your 4 months too late & didn't read what OP was attemtping to do,instead it appears your spamming

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Originally posted by scorpNZ:
No it doesn't help ! your 4 months too late & didn't read what OP was attemtping to do,instead it appears your spamming
well I do apologise.. Sir..

Spamming well.. Ok. So again sorry.

This is answer for what I done, to do the following

Which is also the request for : Quote,, from abrogard

(I have these DVD9 Disks and I'm trying to copy them onto DVD5.

What is the best way to do this?

Straight backups from DVDShrink were not good)

I was only trying to be helpful and I am sure if I found it helpful in doing what I posted in answer to the above question others might do so. So again I apologise.
As for being too late well its never too late to learn or accept advice even if it is menial to some.

PS. the post I made here by mistake was really intended for..

the post made by djlen (Nebraska Won't Go Into Shrink)
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Being helpful when it's relevant is one thing,being helpful when it has nothing to do with what the OP wants to achieve is another.The first clue is the TITLE of the thread the 2nd is reading all the paragraphs & understanding what OP is attempting to achieve which is NOT copying a dvd 9 to dvd 5,i refer you to PARAGRAPH 5,lastly shrink is useless as is dvdDecrypter if the dvd hasn't been ripped with the latest updated ripping software;posts regarding dvd shrink not working correctly when editing an incorrectly ripped dvd are scattered all over the forum & the solutions are there in links provided by other members

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