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I have tried DVD Shrink, -- crashes with an ERROR almost immediately.
DVDSMITH -- It goes OKAY till it get to 100%. Then it continues to continue with percentages OVER 100%. When I finally stopped it and saw the inside of the folder - it looked normal so I burned a disk. All it gave me was all the previews - ... and it continued to repeat playing them.
I've tried DVD FAB V5, V6, V8. One of them went through the steps, - burned a disk within FAB --- it went flawlessly thru to chapter 17 and stopped.

I have tried both MAC and PC systems. I am totally stumped.
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Check the DVDFab forums, they'll probaby have a beta out soon that will deal with this.

MultiMakeMKV: batch processing for MakeMKV (Win)
: batch processing for DVD Shrink
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