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I am unable to playback movies on my dvd player that I have backed up with shrink, they seemed to be jumbled, starting in the middle and jumping scenes please can anyone help :)
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Were the movies ripped using the likes of DVDFab HD decrypter before processing through DVD Shrink.
No, just using DVD shrink and AnyDVD :)
I found something like this too... I concluded that the new way to foul up perhaps DVD Shrink or other ripping software, was to do something that these already existing programs could not do... sort out an introduced disorder or "disorder block" of the vobs by some new skullduggery they thought up..
So I found a solution lol. MY solution. In other words it worked for me an I am not trying to be "source" for the much loved AfterDawn... forums or undermine administrator's advices. It is just a suggestion... so NO SHOOTING NEEDED. (please).

I use AnyDVD to "copy" the DVD onto the HD... THEN use DVD shrink on The FILE... it will turn out as it should... worked so far that is. LOL. I also registered AnyDVD too.... I think 'they' are really worth it.
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