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Problem ripping THE DEVIL INSIDE

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I've been using DVD Shrink for years and it handles 99% of my DVD backing up, but occasionally I get a "cyclic redundancy check error" and then I use DVD Fab. So with this DVD (The Devil Inside), it uses CSS and other copy protection schemes to thwart backups. In DVD Fab I found the correct title (Title 23) for this DVD and using either Main Movie or Customize I made a backup onto my PC at 100% Quality (at larger than DVD5 size) and then planned to open the HDD copy in DVD Shrink for RE-AUTHORing.

But when I opened the files in DVD Shrink, the movie was under "Unreferenced Material" and when you go to RE-AUTHOR it doesn't show Unreferenced Material, so there's no file to re-author. The movie plays fine in DVD Shrink in the Full Disc Backup window but I need to re-author it with DVD Shrink.

So the question is: How do I re-author Unreferenced Material in DVD Shrink? I checked the threads and I see nothing relevant to what I want to do. Even if I have to use another program to re-do the DVD Fab backup, I need the resulting backup to be re-authorable in DVD Shrink.

Another way of solving this problem would be if DVD Fab made a copy with the proper DVD layout schemes (ifos or bups) so that it could be read properly by DVD Shrink, but I can't seem to get DVD Fab to do it, although I'm happy it at least made something.

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Well, I did some more searching and found a solution: VOB Blanker worked really well! VOB Blanker seems like a really powerful tool; the trick now is to figure out what more it can do that DVD Shrink or DVD Fab can't. Probably a lot.

Thanks anyway.
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