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I used the most up to date version of DVDFAB to rip it. I used DVD shrink to size it down. When I burn it I used Imagine Burn. It burned the movie but, when I try to play it in my dvd player it runs for 3 seconds and it stops. But I notice that the DVDs don't use the complete blank dvd like it always do. Has anyone run into this problem.
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You have to use the purchased copy of dvdfab, I did a backup of the full movie and shirnk it to fit the dvd5 and it works... You must use the newest dvdfab also.
I got the kids ts3 and thought I backed it up. I did movie only with dvd fab and it seemed to work fine. I burned a copy but never tried it on my dvd player. Now the actual cd is destroyed so I tried my back up. It plays the opening chapter than quits. I put the files through dvd shrink and in the preview screen you can see the whole movie is there. Again, it went through with no errors at all but the burn will only play the opening chapter again. So my question is, I still have the original rip files from dvdfab on my pc. Can I use them to get a working back up still? Iam thinking of maybe fooling around with reauthor but I havent had the time to mess with it.
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