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11 MKV's - DVD, need good text menu, audio normalization, auto-fit to 4.3 GB

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Purpose: Watching a typical tv show season (22 episodes) on 2 DVD+R's on my car's widescreen display.

I have been using ConvertXtoDVD for a while, but it uses an odd volume boosting method (DRC) that gives random results. Sometimes the volume is so low I cannot hear even at maximum volume, and sometimes the volume is over distorted. It has been trial and error and a lot of reburning to get it to an acceptable volume level.
So for the last two days I have been downloading and trying out many other programs, and they all lack at least 1 if not more features I want.

I would like:

1) To be able to fit 11 45 minute episodes on 1 DVD+R and have the program auto-fit. Several programs do this fine. I am watching on a small screen, so video quality is fine. ConvertXtoDVD does this fine (though I hand edit the size to 4.3 GB as it sometimes goes oversize). Some programs won't shrink the video enough.

2) To have a text only menu of the episodes, no chapters; the more that fit on 1 screen the better. Only found 1 program that supported 11 titles on the main menu, but it did not auto-fit to 1 DVD+R. Many programs have a single title screen. ConvertXtoDVD does this ok (8 titles per page). Some programs only offer 1 title, some offer 3 max.

3) Audio normalization. Many programs list this feature, but don't have the other two above. This is where ConvertXtoDVD does a poor job.

Trying Freemake Video Converter right now, but it does not list a normalization option, hoping it does this by default. Have tried: Roxio Creator 2012 (horrible menus), AVStoDVD (crashes), DVDStyler (won't compress enough), Wondershare DVD Creator (failed to burn, just ended up with 8 Gb of mpg files).

Thanks in advance, and please only reply if you have personally been successful with the three "wants" above.
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Reconsider AVStoDVD.
Although it can't shrink, it can save as half d1 which uses lower bitrates.
The author actively supports the program on the VideoHelp site.
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