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1.5gb wmv to dvd. files too large?

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Hello all,
I have googled until I'm blue in the face. I've searched these and other forums...but I surrender. Please help me.

I have a video...
Format: wmv
File size: 1.5Gb
Run time: 6 hours and 47 minutes

Burn file to dvd for viewing in dvd player.

The footage was shot in a classroom of a visiting speaker. Those original files (in .wmv format)were (very highly) compressed by the school staff before I got them. I took those files and assembled them in windows movie maker to create one large file, 1.5Gb.
Now I wish to burn this file to dvd for playback on normal dvd players.

Most software won't even open/import .wmv files. But those that did demand massive hard drive space (~25Gb) to process the video. Even using windows movie maker, attempting to save the movie as a DV-AVI requires about 25Gb.

Programs attempted:
Avidemux, convertxtodvd 4, sony dvd architect pro 5.2, and others.

Why would my 1.5Gb .wmv source file require so much more space to put into a format suitable for burning to dvd? Is avi so much larger than a wmv of the same material?

Can someone please tell me what I must do to get this file into a dvd for playback on a dvd player?

If necessary I'm willing to put the movie on more than one dvd.

My grateful thanks for your time.
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Converting most any format into DVD format results in a larger output file that the original you started with. You in essence answered your own question. That is split the file up into segments that will fit on one or more DVDs.

Go ahead, process your file into DVD format. Check the resulting size. Break it up into manageable chunks. Done.
Thanks rulisky,
I got a bit panicky there, project shoved in my lap, horrible source files, tight deadline.

Dvd archtect did the job, took it's sweet time, but did it.

a 1.5gb .wmv file became 3 dvds! yikes.

ah well,
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