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Batch DVD Conversion?

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Hey guys, trying to find a decent encoder that will convert my divx and avi files to DVD (audio_ts; videots). I have about 200 videos that I wish to convert, and it would be nice to be able to convert them while I'm sleeping or at work. I've been using DVDFlick to convert single files, but couldn't find any options for running multiple files. I tried to manually work around this by writing a little script in notepad:

"C:\Program Files\DVD Flick\dvdflick.exe" -load C:\projects\project1.dfproj -startunattended
"C:\Program Files\DVD Flick\dvdflick.exe" -load C:\projects\project2.dfproj -startunattended

The script works fine, but the problem is that DVDFlick automatically place each finished project in the same folder, thus overwriting the entire folder for each new project and erasing any previous projects.

Any solutions to this, or any alternative software that can handle a batch project?
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The only free one that I know of is AVStoDVD.
You load a file into the source window, click 'Jobs list' on the top menu and accept it into the list.
Delete the first file from the source window and repeat.
It's tedious, but you eventually click the bottom right encoding button in the Jobs list pop-up and it converts each file into a separate DVD.
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