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Burning WMV files to DVD

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I just sign up today and have been reading the study guides and that has made me more confused. I am new and just want to burn some training videos to dvd to take with me to use on my phillips portable dvd player. They are WMV format. Can some one please advise?
Also one of them is already in what i would say dvd form I just click the icon and it starts the menu program and the i pick the video and then it plays it. How do i burn this to dvd with out loosing the continuity of that process?

Thanks SOO MUCH in advance !!
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Also one of them is already in what i would say dvd form
DVD format (on a disk) is indicated by the presence of two folders on the disk.
They are AUDIO_TS (which is empty) and VIDEO_TS which contains .vob, .ifo and .bup files).

If you have a set of .wmv files that you want to convert to DVD format (for playback on a standalone DVD player) use the likes of FAVC or DVD Flick.
Both will optionally add a menu and burn the disk if required.
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