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It says "DVD IS FINISHED" but shooting blanks!!!

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lol. this is interesting. I have used all the ghostbuster tools and still a dvd seems to not want to burn.

Objective : to burn a dvd movie to play in a dvd player

Tools: I have .avi movies, wmv movies formats and more. I have magic iso, windows movie maker and santa dvd maker. The dvds i am using are called SONY DVD-R 120min 4.7GB

Problem: I am using programs, They all go through and say that the dvd has been made successfully, but when I put the dvd into a player and play them, "incorrect disc", also when I put the dvd in my laptop to play it it says "its a blank disc"

What is going on? I can't burn a dvd movie? Do I need iso? what is this ghost ?

-ps i have used tools like decrypters, encoders, iso's, magic iso img burn, you name it.
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Download and run ImgBurn.
Click 'Write files/folders to disk'.
Load or drag any file (a photo image or a text file will do).
Burn the disk.
After it's burned examine it with Windows Explorer to view the file.
If the file exists, then there's nothing wrong with the burner - it's something your doing wrong when the dvd movie is being authored.
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