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Need help creating a DVD

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First of, I appologize for my noobness but I cant seem to get this done and I've tried many times and many different softwares.

Here's what I have and what I would like to create. I have thirty eight ".avi" files. They are all episodes of the old "The Munsters" tv show. I simply would like to make a DVD structured like this:

Put the DVD in the player and it starts up showing a main menu with a header "The Munsters - Season One". Also on this menu I want a "Play All Episodes" and a "Select An Episodes" buttons. Obviously "Play All" plays all episodes from 1-38 and "Select An Episode" opens another menu with episodes on it... ect... ect... "next", "back" and "back the main menu" buttons as needed until all thirty episodes are listed ect...

Thumbnails with selected movie clips playing inside them for each episode would be nice.

I just want to make the standard DVD. For the life of me I can't get this done! I've tried using Nero Video, ConvertXtoDVD, DVDLab, TMPGEnc and others but they were too complicated for me. So many options and settings I get lost. There is always something wrong with something on my final result and I can't figure it out. Or software like Windows DVD Maker, DVD Creator and others are too basic don't have enough options to do the job.

Once again I appologize for my ignorance and I greatly appreciate any help and guidence to learn how to do this properly.

Thank You,

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I just want to make the standard DVD.
A standard blank DVD is rated at two hours running time.
Thirty-eight episodes isn't realistic.
The animated menu you describe is probably do-able in the likes of TmpGenc - but it does require a learning curve.
Thanks for your reply. I appreciate all the help I can get.

As far as the 38 episodes on one disc, yes I realize it will take several DVD's to complete the job. Although the structure of each DVD will remain the same.

With "I just want to make the standard DVD", what I meant to say is, I just want to make a simple DVD here. Nothing overly complicated. All the software I've tried is either way to basic and doesn't give the result I am after, or way too complicated. ConvertXtoDVD would works just fine except it as really complitated. If I could find a good help file to help me read it's help file I'd be golden. :)

Thanks again for responding and if anyone else can steer me in the right direction please chime in.

Once again I appolgize for my noobness and thank you all for the help.

DVD Flick can author DVD's, although the optional menu's are very basic.
It does include an illustrated guide (it's on the main menu) - also note that there are various tutorials for authoring DVD's here at Afterdawn (click 'Guides' at the top of the screen).
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