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Problem with HD.ts files

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I am trying to convert video files recorded from my Blade 7000HD to a DVD so that I can play them on my standard TV DVD Player.

The Blade records films/programs in a .ts video format. I have managed to find a great program fot SD recordings. The problem is with recorded HD recordings. When I select the video file MPEG-2 TS VIDEO for the conversion for some reason it is only 30 mins in length, should be around 1Hr 45mins. The folder that contains the recordings is approx 8Gb, where as the MPEG-2 TS VIDEO for the conversion is only 2GB in size.

Please could someone inform me what I am doing wrong? or recommend a program that can handle these HD .ts files?
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No idea about your recorder, but SUPER converter handles most formats properly so have a look at that.

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