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Trying to put english subtitles onto dvd from a mkv video

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As stated in the title, I was given a video in mkv. It's anime with english subtitles. When I play it on the computer I see the subs and they play no problem. I would like to watch it on my 42 inch tv. But I don't know how to make the subtitles appear on the dvd disk. I only have freeware dvd making programs so i'm would need freeware help to accomplish this project. Is there any way I can do so? There aren't any subtitle files in the video folder
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MKVcleaver (also requires MKVToolnix) can extract subtitles from MKV files.
Your DVD authoring program may be able to use them.

Thank you attar for your help and quick response. Will download and give it a go over the weekend!!
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