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I just read this thread here about all mobile phones in Ireland and most countries get unlocked for free. Thats interesting because here in the UK the same 'Nac code' is called a 'Pac code'. We share many of the same mobile provider (Vodafone, Three, O2). I know Ireland also has meteor while the UK has Orange which I believe is the same company! Anyways the point is that they all charge about 15 - 20 to unlock regardless of how long you have been with them. Also with certain networks such as orange there is no choice about being registered as you cannot activate your SIM unless you regsiter it. I am originally Irish - oh the good old days eh!

The benefit of the UK is the the SIM cards themselves are free! If I remember correctly, in Ireland we had to buy SIM cards for like 5 euros? Check it out; Vodafone Free SIM cards in the UK.

So what other countries get their phones unlocked for free then?
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