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unlock nokia 5070

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Please help me unlock my nokia 5070 i use free unlock calculator dct4 expert mode to unlock and dont work. What can i do to unlock my phone?

Provider: Vodafone
Country: Portugal
Firmware: RM166

Many thanks.
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Para fazer o codigo tens que dar o numero do imei: para ver imei no teu telele escreve
nas teclas do telele: *#06# e *#0000# dame a info para fazer codigo. Sal

Remove Your Sim Card, Power The Phone On
Press # From The (Insert Sim) Screen
Enter codes WITHOUT spaces.
Press * 3 times fast for (p)
Press * 4 times fast for (w)
Press * 2 times fast for (+)
Verify code before pressing the last #(No Private Messages Please)

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