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move to sd app for galaxy note, not working

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Hi, I have just got a galaxy note 10.1, it is only 16gb so I was hope to store as many games and apps on my sd card... but nomatter how many apps I get to mover2sd or app2sd none seem to work... I have sdcard internal storage and some apps send to that which is pointless.... it is the extsdcard that I need them moved to but it's just not working.

Does anyone know of an app that will do this?

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Have you rooted it?

Regardless I think Android supports apps2sd now anyway, have a look in your app settings? I can do it on my phone, but I'm unsure whether it's a stock feature or not anymore.

Failing that, read up here

Hi and thanks for the reply. No the note is not rooted... I have checked the app settings and there is no option to move to sd...I have a galaxy s2 phone and in the app settings on that there is a option move to phone but not on my galaxy note...

I tried the app you said but had no luck with that

I haven't suggested an app. The link I provided is to a forum where you should read up on your problem/ask for help (although xda members generally don't like the same questions being re-asked, so search first).

It is then probably a case of requiring root to or another fix to enable apps2sd on a Note, I don't know.

lol, sorry my mistake, there is an app called "app2sd" i thought u meant that... think i'm going to have to wait and hope the new update that's coming for android will allow this to happen...

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