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samsung galaxy ace - can't make or recieve calls

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samsung galaxy ace - can't make or recieve calls says no mobile network.Emergency calls only- checked sim - and it works on other phones.
Tried working sims on my phone still no work.Oddly i can go online perfectly well-so i can't be blacklisted
Phone was rooted few months back - have now default settings(but not full de-root) - but still prob.Do you think rooting is cause of prob?
Carrier will send me another sim
My cousin lives in same house , same phone same sim package- no probs there
Even suppose if damage i dropped it it had protective casing anyway
Took it to friend who is good with these phones he says he see nothing like this prob before
Me thinking fault with phone ?
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Do you think rooting is cause of prob?

Have you tried wiping your phone in recovery (assuming you have a custom recovery, if not in fastboot)?

My cousin used odin
Hasn't tried fastboot
Also although i have baseband number no imei number is displayed - i duuno if this pinpoints prob

Ive just had a hell of a time in the last two days trying to deal with a couple of issues with a Samsuck Galaxy Ace.
Problems started with not being able to download MMS messages, and evolved to not being able to make outgoing calls.
Factory reset allowed me to make outgoing calls, but reinstallation of GO apps caused repeat of problem.
As a result have only been able to reinstall GO Launcher, GO Launcher theme, GO Backup without problem re-surfacing.
I predict that if I attempt a reinstall of either GO PowerMaster, TaskManager or Contacts ( including Contacts EX) problem will be repeated.
I cannot go through another factory reset today, so I am NOT reinstalling those apps listed above until I can contact GO directly. (I don't expect much help as both Boost and Samsuck have been f'n useless!)

So, brief version, backup, factory reset, forget about GO PowerMaster, GO TaskManager and/or GO Contacts (including EX) until some updates have been provided to all, or until I get back and tell you all that I have done ANOTHER factory reset because I identified the culprit app... !
I don't think my prob is in any way related to GO
Phone is under warranty - but ODIN Multi Downloader v4.38 keeps crashing as i am trying to flash UK version as the one my cousin did was a German one - and if carrier spots it -then warranty voided
This phone was murder to root and murder to factory reset -yet online say this is easy - NFW man NFW man :(
Will see if registering new sim will do trick ( i doubt it v much)
You don't need to use a download manager, put the ROM on your SD card and flash it from there under recovery.

Managed it -eventually to unroot (a brutal procedure -it is not as simple as stated above )
I have had it re -rooted BUT only my gallery pics are working all other apps on sd card not showing even though it is reading size of SD card and saying phone is rooted
galaxy ace is a complete PITA !
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