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Samsung Tocco F480 Admin Settings And Text Size

hi i have a samsung tocco F480 have done for about a year now (just about)
and i was wondering if ther is any guide to the admin settings and the settings inside the admin setting what they do/ for

also i've just updated my firmware to F480XEID1
from my orange branded one

Basically, whenever I receive or read a message since updating, the text size is huge and pressing the volume keys only temporarily reduce the size. Would anyone know of a line in a config file or setting inside the firmware that can be changed to make it small font size by default

on the orange branded version if i made it smaller with the volume down key it would stay that way but not anymore

o-one more thing as well on my branded firmware i had the op logo under the battery but now it's like a widget any idea's of how to change that as well

thats why i thought there might be something in the admin settings

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated

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