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How can you "hack" your psp 2001

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I bought a psp a few weeks ago and want to hack it, but i cant find any really straight forward guides to my certain situation

i am willing to do the pandora hack to my battery

Im using windows 7 (but any vista program works just fine on it)

The Psp is a 2001 and i have an 8GB memory stick

so i would really appreciate any help
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as long as your firmware is 5.03 or less, there's no need for pandora... just follow this guide a few threads away:
wrong. 2000 series needs pandora's battery to get custom firmware.

ps2: v7 scph-39001 - independence exploit - hdloader 0.8c - maxtor 300gb hdd
(+[__]%) psp slim ta-085v1: 6.60 PRO B10
wii (powered by bootmii/priiloader): 4.1u - d2x v10beta53-alt (base 56) - configurable usb loader v70r51/devolution r188 - wd scorpio black 7200rpm 320gig w/ ams venus ds2 enclosure

got a whole lot more to list . . .
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