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PSP 2001 Freezing Issue

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Hi There All.
Seeking some help with my PSP . It's PSP2001 model running 5.50 Dgen-2 custom firmware . What seems to be happening is the following . a) whenever I go to make changes in the XMB the PSP freezes , b) when I launch ISOS from the memory stick , the games get stuck on the PSP White Logo Screen . On both occasions to stop the process , I have to physcially take out the battery . I know it's not a memory card issue as I have a second PSP running 5.50 Dgen-3 and the games launch on that one quite fine . A couple of 'reputable' fixers of PSP's in the area who are aware of my issue have basically said you have nothing more than a rather expensive doorstop . Can this PSP be recovered ? Additionally , I have tried to go into recovery mode , tried to flash , etc , but on most occasions the damn thing freezes again . I've also gone into the VSH menu but the changes but any change I make there goes away after the device freezes . Any help would be most welcome .
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It could be a halfbrick, try getting your hands on a pandora battery and create a magic memory stick.

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