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PSP black screen, green light- NO HACKS, NO NOTHING

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Good evening,

I have read several post and I assure you I'm not posting this blindly. I have read many posts regarding PSPs with Black screens with only green lights being lit for 5-10 seconds.

Problem is that my PSP is doing the same thing but is very odd. I bought this fat PSP from Ebay and I did not hack it. It has been working for the last 3 months. My brother plays the PSP with UMDs, the memory he had was 1GB and no games were ever placed in the memory stick. I let it borrow to my brother (who I assure you has no computer skills).

The PSP was working fine but then one day it stopped working. My brother said that he left the PSP charging for 3 weeks and then one day when he took it to the subway, it only gave him a black screen and would turn on and off after a few seconds.

I have tried to fix it and have not been able to. I have found several forums and have tried numerous methods and would like to know if any of you pros has had any solutions.

When turning on the PSP, it only lits the green power light, the screen is blank and makes no sounds. After 5-10 seconds, the PSP turns off.

I have tried the following methods that have not worked:

1. Remove the battery, wait 5 minutes, place it back and turn on. Nothing.
2. Remove the battery, connect PSP to power adapter. Result: PSP turns on and turns off. Just like having a regular battery.
3. Hold <SELECT> <START> <SQUARE> and <TRIANGLE> and TURN On PSP. Nothing.
4. Hold top-Right or top-Left button and turn on. Nothing.
5. I have a PSP-3000 but when I insert this battery to the fat PSP, the PSP doesn't turn on.
6. Try clicking any buttons in the PSP while turning on. Nothing.
7. Hold power button for 10 seconds or more. nothing.


Sense nothing seems to work now, should I try with a Pandora Battery and make a magic memory card?
If I need to do this, I have read that I have to install certain files into the MMC to make it run. Can you guys please guide or link on what files to insert? I don't know what system version I have on that PSP but I assure you, it has not been hacked.
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first of all, when you say you plug it into the charger no battery and it comes on, do you mean it boots up or just green light for a few seconds then off? there is a chance that it is bricked but not likely. if it comes on with charger only then the battery is dead, you could try to reset the battery by holding a wire between the outside posts for about 2 minutes. if it does not come on with the charger, for as many as i have taken apart. i would say that either a fuse in your charger line has gone bad, or the wire connecting the power switch to the board has came loose. that is usually a good sign for that. there is a chance that the mother board itself is fried. any of these could be possible since you say it was left charging for 3 weeks.
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