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psp fifa 11

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cant get fifa 11 to run on psp phat. cfw 5.50 gen d3. the game is there but that error code and game could not be started pops up. tried changing from m33 to sony but no joy. can somebody let me know how to get running. Cheers
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Make sure you have the right version, patched for gen-d3

I use 5.00m33-6 as I have found it most stable but again you must have a version patched for your firmware.

Also if you have a KHBBS seplugin - disable it and try again
thanks mate. But can you tell me exactly how to do it and where to get the software from. Its been ages since i messed about with the psp its like starting afresh and i was the one who flashed it lol
thried installing 5.00m33-6 it says i am on 9.90 and no need to update?
grabbed another copy all working fine
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