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360 HDMI, HDTV component cable not working

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hello all, i have a 360 hdmi version that i recently bought.
the component cables (HDTV) do not display video only audio. on the other hand the HDMI cable works great.
ive tried lowering the settings to 720p,while using HDMI and no fix
my hdmi cable is way to short and can not use at this time
is there something wrong with the xbox?

thing i have done :

used another cable

hooked hdmi xbox to another tv with mode set to TV instead of HDTV using the Yellow video wire and it worked.

used the first cable to another NON hdmi xbox and it worked

problem only occurs when i use HDTV component (blue,green and red)
on a HDMI xbox.

Thanks in advance any help would be greatly appreciated.
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your probably conneceting the cables wrong.
chris4160 Suspended account
Just to clarify, are you using this cable:

If so, make sure the toggle is set to hdtv, and the format is selected on the xbox 360. It may be a faulty cable.

Edit: You're using a full hd tv, right?
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Originally posted by modmyxbox:
your probably conneceting the cables wrong.
i agree you are either putting the cables into the back of the tv wrong, (make sure you can match up the colors(i.e. dont do it in the dark) or the jack on your tv is bad.

One thing I noticed is that with my arcarde console the component cables will not work no matter what...hdmi cable an composite cables work fine. So if you have an arcade console don't sweat it just get a
10ft hdmi cable.

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