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BENQ VAD6038 work with xkey???

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my phat 360 broke the other day which i had was using my xkey on i just bought a new 360 slim and i have heard the xkey dosent support certain drives because they are unable to exrtact the drive key off of.....i have figured out through info on the web that i have a BENQ VAD6038 drive will the xkey work with this type of dive?......thanks in advance
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slims do not have benq drives in them you better do some more research!
yup search xkey site and you will find your answers

after further research i have determined its a liteon not a hitachi drive but dont know the version my xbox manufactured date is 06/11/2011 and to what i have researched the incompatible drive DG16D5S came out in 360's manufactured in september 2011 so i should be fine,,,,,can anyone verify this?
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should be fine!
yea just dump the key no drilling or cutting,

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