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Burner max question.

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Ive been looking through the threads and Ive seen the tutorial on how to crossflash your liteon drive to the 524 or 624 and Ive seen a thread on flashing your drive with the burnermax firmware. Are these two one in the same?Should I just follow the crossflash tutorial? Also, for the burnermax thread, the guy posted a multiupload link that sends me to a crap site. Please Help
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2 different things, if your drive is not a ihas drive then it must first be crossflashed to one, that is if it in fact a ihas drive! once you have a ihas drive then you flash it with burnermax!
Also there are only a few drives that can be crossflashed.

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Sorry I wasn't very thorough. I have the ihas 124 - 04b. Is it imperative to flash it to a 524 and is flashing it to a 524 all that is necessary to be considered burnermax firmware?
not necessary to cross flash it at all, just flash burnermax to it and you are good to go!
ok thanks, but I cant find any valid link to the burnermax firmware. Where can I find it? The links on ixtreme link me to removed files, and the burnermax tutorial on afterdawn sends me to a false site.
Crossflashing the drive first simply unlocks the extra features such as LightScribe and SmartErase. If you just want to burn discs and nothing else, you don't need to bother with that.

Here's the firmware: -

Click HERE for up to date 360 tutorials that may help you!
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