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burning games (truncate?)

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im trying to burn a copy of one of my games but it says its too big for the disk, im using verbatim dual layer disks. it asks me if i want to truncate which i have been doing but the games dont play in the xbox. is there anything else i can do?
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Is your dash updated and your xbox flashed with the latest firmware?
Originally posted by snickle:
Is your dash updated and your xbox flashed with the latest firmware?
im not really sure we had it flashed about a month ago after we updated it for the kinect so its fairly up to date. is there anyway to check?
Other than taking the drive out of the 360 and dumping the firmware, no.
do you think the problem is with the xbox then and not to do with the way i burn them?ive burnt other games that havent asked me to truncate and they have all worked fine.
Have you got an older "fat" 360 or one of the newer 360 S "slim" models?

Playing XGD3 games requires LT+ 2.0. That was released on the following dates: -

360 fat (excluding Hitachi) - October 2nd
360 slim - October 8th

So if your drive was flashed before those dates, you know that that's the reason why newer games don't work. Also, if you have a fat 360 with a Hitachi drive, LT+ 2.0 has not yet been released for that drive yet, so it can't be flashed with it and therefore that's why newer games won't work.

But if you didn't flash it yourself, the only way to know what your drive is flashed with is to ask the modder who did it (who may or may not give you a reliable answer, lol), or dump the firmware from your drive yourself and see - which is the only way to be 100% sure.

LT+ 2.0 was created so that we could play XGD3 backups - those are the games that are too big to fit on a disc using regular burning methods, so it asks you to truncate them in ImgBurn (unless you're using a Burner Max burner). My guess would be that your 360 just isn't flashed with the firmware required to play those games. Less likely is that you're not burning the discs correctly, or all of your burns are bad.

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thanks, it is a fat 360 and we had it flashed before the 2nd october so it must be that then. ive done other games recently and they have all worked fine its only the ones that have asked me to truncate that havent worked. i will have to look into getting it flashed again.
Cool, well at least you know for sure why it's not working now.

One thing to bear in mind is that MS introduced new protection that specifically affects those new XGD3 titles (as well as a few of the older XGD2 ones) in the last few days and yet another new firmware is being created to defeat this. If you're in no rush to get your 360 flashed and you're paying someone to do it, you might want to wait until that is released first. There's no ETA, so I don't know when it'll be released.

As is stands now, it's easy to flag your console just by booting XGD3 games so if you care about Live I would strongly recommend just waiting for this new firmware to be released. If your 360 is not connected to Live, hasn't been for some time and isn't going to be, then you could update to LT+ 2.0 now, but you'd still be paying again to update to LT+ 3.0 when that's released (hopefully in the next few weeks).

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i'm not sure you got the answer you were looking for, you can burn the game truncated but its not going to work for all games, in order to burn games properly you need to get an ihas liteon, and flash it with burnermax software in order to burn the full iso, if you truncate you are only getting 97 percent.
thanks for all your help, i think i will wait a while and get it flashed again then.

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