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Can Anybody Help Me With Forza Horizon? 50 MS Points.

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Can someone add me on XBL and buy one of my cars for a few hundred million? I really need help.So I decided it would be fun to mod Forza Horizon using the tools Modio and Horizon. So I plugged my SanDisk usb drive (pre-formatted to FAT32) into my Xbox 360 and configured it, then moved my profile and saved game to my usb drive. After it finished I removed it then put it into the computer and it was not detected by either program so I plugged it back into the Xbox and everything was deleted. I've re-tried about five times and no luck. I just needed money. It's not that I'm to lazy to do it, it just won't work.
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u get it taken care of? I lost all my horizon files too when i switched from my HDMI phatty that rrod'ed to my 250gb slim
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