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Can I rgh phat xbox on dash 14179?

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I have a fat console that I got from a friend on 14719 with a dead drive. I think its a xenon board and was hoping I could have it rgh'd.
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If you're on 14719 you can RGH the Xbox, but since it's Xenon you may run into issues, cause that's the old motherboard, and I'm not 100% sure they work well with RGH 2.0 from Team-Xecuter.

But yes, on that dash you can RGH it.

Thanks for the reply. Everywhere I've been so far I was being told that it couldn't be done. When u say problems, what do u mean?
Just compatibility issues with RGH 2.0, so I'm not sure since it's been a while since I've RGH'd a system. But most of the ones I've done were Falcon or Trinity consoles.

Also, my buddy had an RGH Xenon, but it Red Ringed, so it all just depends really.

And it red ringed because of the rgh? I thought that was because of overheating.
No it doesn't because of the RGH. Sorry to get that confused, it was because it was overheating.

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