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Creating iso file from original xbox disc?

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I have been trying to make copies of my xbox games but have not been able to actually create a usable iso file from the original disks. i have tried toast titanium 8, iso hacker, liquid cd, iburn 360, burn, and a method with disk utility that guessed it.... didn't work. has anybody been able to create writable isos from the origanal disks?
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i mean xbox 360 just in case u were wondering
What kind of drive are you using to back up these Xbox 360 games?

Originally posted by eebeejay:
What kind of drive are you using to back up these Xbox 360 games?
the drive in my macbook..... and possibly and external when i find the time and money to go get one..... i also wanted to put them on a stack of dvds in the corner just in case. the problem is i cant seem to create a usable iso from the original disk and id prefer not to download illegal copies
Just wondering- have you ever searched for a tutorial on how to backup games through Google or some other kind of search engine? It seems that you are just going at it with bare hands...

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How to Burn a 360 Game (Idiot-Proof Guide)-
Unfortunately, you can't back up games with a macbook. You need either a kreon drive(not recommended), or a spare 360 drive(anything but hitachi) flashed with 0800 firmware to backup your games. You'll also need a connectivity kit to power the drive. Please search either on here or google about kreon vs. 0800 and you'll find all of the answers that you're looking for, and then some.
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