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DG-16D4S not fully ejecting after replacing laser. Please help.

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Hello. I recently replaced the laser on my XBox 360 drive, model number DG-16D4S. After replacing the laser on the unit the tray repeatedly ejects itself the drive tray partially, maybe an inch or so. I can pull it open all the way and shut it fully only for it to eject itself only moments later. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a project for a friend who has very limited funds. Thanks so much!

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take out the tray and check the bottom, there is a tab that gets bent at times!
You are awesome, thanks for the response. I have the drive disassembled in front of me but I am not certain which tab you are referring to.

looking at the bottom its towards the back its plastic and is made into the tray itself, you will see if its bent because it will look like it has a white line on it!
if you hold the tray looking at the bottom and the bezel away from you its towards the back on the right side!
Wow. I am really not seeing it. Is the tab visible with the tray on or off? I have looked and cannot see what you are speaking of. I have noticed the teeth by the front loading area of the tray don't seem to be catching properly. I took it out and re-aligned it properly only to have it do this again after a few ejects and closes.

Once again thanks for your help, generally I do not get a response here so it means quite a bit.

if you can align it and it work make sure you push the tab down on the front of the tray
I have included a link in this post. Is this the tab you are talking about?

no there is a tab on the tray itself, it is the release tab for taking out the tray, if that does not catch when it comes out the tray will kick sideways!
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